Sales Tips

Generally people will know whether or not they like a property within the first few minutes of walking in, based on how the property feels for them. Good presentation and use of space is an important factor in creating more interest and thus improving the sales price. So you may want to consider the following:



For best results ensure the following:
* The home is clean and tidy
* Remove all clutter
* There are no visible cracks in the walls or ceilings
* No visible water damage or mould
* Open Curtains and blinds for natural light
* Carpets are clean , steam clean if necessary
* All doors work well
* No animal odours are present


* Replace cracked or broken glass
* No rubbish at entrance and pathways
* All gates security doors working
* Remove sticks and leaves from gutter
* Clean and tidy yard
* Mow lawns and do edges
* Landscaped areas should be clean and weed free


* If you have done any renovations ensure that you have had your Council final inspection and hold the occupation certificate. You may also require a home owners warranty insurance certificate.


* Try to be out of the home before the inspections
* The home is at a comfortable temperature
* If you need some assistance with these things we are more than happy to help.