As an investor, don't you just want to find a good tenant, that pays market rent on time, and keeps the property clean & tidy?

Property management is about processes and procedures, doing the small things really well, identifying and addressing small problems before they turn into large ones. And most importantly it's about service & communication.

Exellence in Property Management

Argy Property is proud to be an award winning boutique real estate agency and we consider ourselves to be your best choice to manage your investment property. One of our major strengths is our property management department which combines innovative technology, ultra modern system processes and the highest level of personal communication.

It's our commitment to best practises and exceptional service standards that has seen our client list grow and grow. We also offer an extremely competitive fee structure, saving our clients thousands of dollars.

Argy Property – your boutique alternative.

Our Team

Every client has a dedicated property manager working for their client's best interest. We do not hide behind, software platforms, mail bots, (online messaging) and 1300 numbers.

Personalised service and experience combined with modern systems leads to hassle free rental returns. Our team are experienced in all aspects of property management, with over 50 years of combined experience between them. Covering all aspects of tenant management, including knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and exceptional experience at representing our owns best interest at Tribunal (NCAT).


Low cost agents and ordinary marketing can cost you thousands in lost rent. Simply because your property is lost in the sea of other properties on the internet and not getting the attention it deserves.

Your property needs to stand out from the crowd so that prospective tenants will enquire. Therefore, all our rental properties are marketed on the most prominent search engines with professional photos and most importantly priority internet placements.

Due to our extremely strong marketing campaigns, we get more views, which translates into more enquires, and more people turning up at inspections. Our properties are generally rented in half the time of the area and industry average.

Major online

Minor online

More Qualified Tenants

We collect every prospective tenant's details who inspects our properties, as well as all tenant emails and phone enquiries. This information is collated by and we constantly notify this pool of prospective tenants when a suitable rental property becomes available.

Again, reducing your days on market.

Renting Our Properties Quicker

Due to our strong marketing campaigns and our pool of tenant enquiries, we rent our client's properties much quicker than the industry and local area average. Generally, in half the time. Which means our clients receive their rent earlier, substantially increasing their rental return.

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Selecting the Right Tenant

Tenant selection is critical. It is the difference between "smooth sailing" to an "absolute nightmare". Our goal for a hassle-free investment property, is securing the best possible tenant.

Therefore, we have created our own internal tenant rating system where we rate the prospective tenants from to

Ideally, we try to place tenants with a 4-5 star rating. To see more about our rating system click here.

The rating system is based on the following with each point worth ½ a star.

  1. Proof of identification.
  2. Income level in relation the rent – verification of payslips & tax returns.
  3. Bank Statements - money in the bank to cover the next 3 months rent.
  4. Employment check - references and stability.
  5. Previous rental history – other agents rental ledgers.
  6. Tenancy reference - from previous agent, are they "clean & tidy".
  7. Have they rented with us before - were they a "model tenant".
  8. Are they a property owner themselves – many tenants are also property owners themselves, verification of this.
  9. Number of people proposing to live in the property – not having too many people living in the property and possibly creating excessive "wear and tear".
  10. Background check, we Veda check (Equifax), every applicant for defaults, court proceedings, bankruptcy & bad credit ratings.


Rent Collection

To ensure our clients get their money on time, our only rent collection option is direct debit. This gives us control as to how much, and when, the money is withdrawn from the tenant's bank account. Tenants incur a financial penalty should there be insufficient funds available, this consequence motivates tenants to have sufficient funds available for their rent.

We also direct debit tenant's water usage charges, so they don't fall in arrears.

Property Inspections

To eliminate problems during a tenant's occupation and when tenants vacate, we perform comprehensive and detailed ingoing & outgoing inspections with a multitude of photos.

Visual proof with photos fair exceeds any handwritten report simply marked "Yes", "Fair" or "No"

To keep our clients informed during the tenancy, we perform a minimum of 2 inspections per year. We take numerous photos in conjunction with an app (inspection manager) that creates a detailed and comprehensive inspection report.

We also do 360° photography of each room at each routine inspection, so you feel like you are at your property.

You can access and download these reports in Client Log-In Portal.

Rent Reviews

The vast majority of investors want their property to return the best possible yield. We understand this and perform in-depth rental reviews 2 times per year and provide a comprehensive Comparative Rental Market Analysis report.

You can be access and download these reports in Client Log-In Portal.

For a free Comparative Rental Market Analysis report on your property click here


For effective processes, accuracy and ease of reporting to all our clients, we use REST industry leading property management software.

Every document and invoice is scanned and stored within Filesmart, an electronic document management system.

This ensures a flawless accounting and document management system, enabling us to email all monthly and annual statements together with all invoices paid during that period.

Owners can view and retrieve any statement or invoice, view inspection reports, correspondence and work orders etc. from our Client Log-In System.

  • check the status of your property
  • retrieve lost statements
  • view inspection reports
  • view property photographs
  • view rental increase letters
  • view maintenance jobs
  • contact your property manager


At some point every property needs maintenance or repairs. We do not use "dodgy" or "cheap & nasty" tradespeople or contractors. We are more than happy to use our client’s preferred tradespeople and contractors. However, the vast majority of our clients use our preferred and trusted tradespeople. To see our tradespeople criteria click here.

All our tradespeople and contractors have a proven track record and do quality work and meet and have agreed to the following criteria:

  1. Have current public liability insurance
  2. Have current professional indemnity insurance
  3. Have current workers compensation insurance
  4. Have a trade license (if applicable)
  5. Be experienced & knowledgeable in their field
  6. Perform quality work that is of a high standard
  7. Provide fair pricing for our clients
  8. Communicate in a professional manner
  9. Treat our landlords and tenants with respect
  10. Keep all contact details provided confidential
  11. Take photos of the completed work and submit to us
  12. Only perform the work that has been authorised
  13. Report to us about other possible issues, hazards or problems that may arise
  14. Only contact landlords and tenants with respect to work orders provided and not contact them for any other reason or matters
  15. Have agreed to our data protection policy

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